Seedcamp competition finalist

September 2007 (London)

FaceContact was chosen as a finalist by:

Silicon Valley Open Doors competition finalist

November 2007 (Palo Alto, CA)

FaceContact was chosen as a finalist by:

Top20 European start-ups in Plugg Conference

March 2007

FaceContact was included in the Top20 European start-ups by:


Boost your viral campaign

Now Facecontact team is busy with the new Viral Steroids project. Add fun and gaming element to sharing. Provide priority, recognition and rewards to your audience. Track and analyze the spread of your viral campaign.


FaceContact is set up to crack incredibly complicated problem to track where an original referral came from, and to incentivise people to make referrals. It turns out it’s pretty simple to do this.

Mike Butcher

Push technology to jobs and services markets.

Kristof Fahy,

A crack of the referral problem: effective (as a result of cash incentives) lead generation with guaranteed quality (by your social network).

Anil Hansjee,
Corporate Development Director

Adding a cash reward to business referrals.

Rachel Bremer,